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Energy Sciences Doctoral courses

Studyperiod 1 

MVKF15F Introduction to Vehicle Systems (MVKF15)

MVKN70F Advanced Methods for Numerical Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer (MVKN70)

MVKP20F Multiphase Flow - Theory, Modelling and Numerical Methods (MVKP20)

Studyperiod 2

MVKN55F Advanced Combustion Engine Concepts (MVKN55)

MVKN90F Turbulence - Theory and Modelling (MVKN90)

Studyperiod 3

MMV031F Heat Transfer (MMVF05)

MVK035F Advanced Theory of Turbomachinery (MVKN60) 

Studyperiod 4

MMVN05F Numerical Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer (MMVN05)

MVKP25F Hydrogen, Batteries and Fuel Cells (MVKP25)

Every two years:

2022, 2024

MVK030F Experimental Methodology (in 2022 together with CEE, GEM070F)

LP3 MVK045F Turbulent combustion (MVKN85)

On request

MVK040F Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals 15 hp

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