Energy Sciences

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

Department of Energy Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University

The previous name of the department, namely Heat and Power Engineering, has existed since the beginning of the school of Mechanical Engineering, i.e., 1963. Today, as a result of continuous development and re-organization, it is a big department including some previously separate departments. Accordingly the name was changed to better reflect the overall activities today. Since the early 1990s the growth and progress in research, graduate and undergraduate programmes has been tremendous. Today we are about 90 employees in total. 12 full time professors, 2 professor emeriti, 4 senior lecturers, 1 university teacher, a few post docs and about 40 PhD students. In addition to this some technicians and administrators complete the department.

There are five divisions, reflecting the main research areas of the department:
Efficient Energy Systems
Combustion Engines
Thermal Power Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer
The research covers a wide range of phenomena, mechanisms, components, processes and systems. Modeling and simulation, as well as experimental activities including laser-based measurement techniques are typical elements.

The department has offices and laboratories mainly in the Mechanical Engineering Building but also some spaces in the so-called Enoch Thulin-laboratory at the Department of Physics. 





Our new master program in Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) is now approved by the educational board at LU level. This means that we can welcome the first students in Autumn 2021.


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