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Numerical Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

  • Course code: MMVN05
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Credits: 7,5
  • Level: Second cycle

Computational Fluid Dynamics, or in short CFD, is a powerful tool that allows you to solve the governing equation of flow and heat transfer for a wide range of engineering and scientific applications. The applications of CFD are diverse, from engineering applications such as flow patterns around a formula one car, design and optimization of turbine blades and designing airplanes to biological applications like flow inside human lungs and blood flow in the arteries. No matter what your future job holds for you, CFD has something to offer.

In this course, through computer exercises, lectures and homework we will dive into the governing equations of the flow and heat transfer, the solution methodologies of these equations and how to use commercial software designed to solve these equations.

Divided in 6 modules

The course consists of 6 modules, as presented below. Each module consists of lectures, covering the theory of the problem in hand, homework, working on what you’ve learned in the lecture and computer exercise, where you will be instructed to use a commercial CFD package step by step.

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Course overview and description of the different modules.

  • Week 1, module 1: Introduction governing equations
  • Week 1, module 2: Finite Difference
  • Week 2, module 3: Finite volume + seminar
  • Week 3, module 4: Heat transfer
  • Week 4, module 5: Incompressible flow
  • Week 5, module 6: Turbulence Flow
  • Week 6: Exam 60%, guest lecture
  • Week 7: Seminar 40%, Guest lecture + peer review

In parallel during these 7 weeks you will work on projects in groups. 

Each module consists of two lectures, independent work, computer labs and exercises. 

Group project

The knowledge that you gain through this course is also reflected in a group project. From the beginning of the course, you will be divided into groups of three or four students where you choose a topic for your project. The project work allows you to practice what is discussed during the different modules and can boost your confidence in working with the CFD software. 

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations picures

Flow inside a human lung, streamlines of flow inside an internal combustion engine, and a gallery of different CFD outcomes.

Flow inside a human lung:

Streamlines of flow inside an internal combustion engine:

A gallery of different CFD outcomes:

CFD simulations picures 
Hide CFD simulations picures 

Your teachers

Hesam Fatehi

Course coordinator
Division of Fluid Mechanics
+46 46 222 43 00

Christer Fureby

Heat transfer and turbulence modeling
Division of Heat transfer
+46 46 222 48 13

For computer exercises we will have PhD students to assist us.

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